All Ross MAcc applicants must be completing or have completed the equivalent of an accredited four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree in virtually any field of study. In addition, applicants must have satisfied five of the six prerequisite requirements listed below in order to have their application reviewed. All six courses must be completed by the start of the MAcc Program. (University of Michigan courses are in bold.):

  • Principles of Financial Accounting (ACC271 or ACC 300 or equivalent)
  • Principles of Managerial Accounting (ACC272 or ACC 301 or equivalent)
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting (ACC312 or equivalent)
  • Intermediate Cost Accounting (ACC315 or equivalent)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (Econ101 or equivalent)
  • Statistics (300-400 level) (OMS301/STAT250/350/ECON404/405/406 or equivalent)

Courses taken at all other institutions are subject to review by Ross faculty to determine whether they qualify as prerequisites.