The Executive MBA Program is customized to meet the needs of individuals in senior management roles, focusing on leadership skills needed to be successful at the executive level. Specifically, the program targets participants who have substantial work experience, with significant experience in a managerial/supervisory capacity. Candidates with fewer years of experience who are on a fast leadership track within their company are also considered. The collective professional experience of EMBA participants enriches the learning experience both in and outside the classroom. While there is no minimum work experience requirement, EMBA students typically have 10 or more years of progressive, full-time work experience, including five or more years in a supervisory/managerial role. The average age of participants in the most recent class was 40. The overall EMBA curriculum is more strategic in focus and designed to help participants make an immediate impact at work, while taking advantage of the participants' professional experiences. Both programs include Michigan's signature field study course, the Multidisciplinary Action Projects course, which partners students with organizations across the world.

The Full-Time Day MBA program is a two-year, full-time program targeting individuals who have had approximately four to five years of work experience, typically at the analyst level; the average age of students is 28. Candidates are looking at their MBA experience as a way to "jump-start" their career as well as to explore different career options. The EMBA program is a "lock-step" program where all participants take the same classes at the same time (with the exception of one electives week), while the full-time program allows for a focus area (such as consulting, finance, or marketing).